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    ISA M82-G Assault Rifle
    The standard issue Assault Rifle of the ISA forces. Just like before, this trusty old favorite values accuracy, damage, and low recoil over rate of fire, and it features a bullpup design. The rifle suffers from a relatively low magazine capacity (Just 30 rounds in Killzone 2) so it isn’t uncommon to see soldiers taping their ammunition for faster reloading. Its been tweaked a bit since we last saw it. Although pictured above with a 203 attatchment, Guerilla Games earlier confirmed at Playstation Day in London that secondary fire has been removed from the series, so no more grenade launchers. Some pictures have shown flashlight attatchments and foregrips in its place, but there has been no word if those will impact gameplay. It now comes packed with an ironsight, although you might find that useless with the new green tinted reflex scope mounted on top. You’ll see most ISA Regulars euipped with this rifle.

    ISA M4 Revolver
    The sidearm that you’ll initially carry on your missions as an ISA Legionnaire. Details on this little weapon are scarce, but videos suggest that it carries 7 rounds before you are forced to reload, and it seems to kill most Helghast troopers in 2-3 shots. One preview states that the gun carries an unlimited amount of ammunition, so let loose all you like but be wary of the tough kickback (please don’t try and dual wield a couple of these guys!). Killzone vets will remember the semi-automatic M4 pistol from the first game; this seems to be a revolving version. All ISA in multiplayer will spawn with this as a secondary weapon.

    ISA Rocket Launcher (Name for Killzone 2 Not Given)
    Ahh, the n00b tube, a favorite of explosive junkies. This ISA anti-tank weapon is of the tri-shot variant, very similar to the one featured in Killzone 1. A scope has been attatched as well, for all you rocket launcher sharp shooters out there. Zoom in and you’ll find a green tinted lense with crosshairs through the middle, very much like you’d find on a sniper rifle. Surprisingly, it has very little blowback, but your enemies shouldn’t underestimate its huge blast radius.

    ISA M13 Semi-automatic Combat Shotgun (Name for Killzone 2 not given)
    A double barreled combat shotgun used by ISA forces for close encounters of the Helghast kind, this thing hurts. In Killzone 1, you were able to use secondary fire to discharge both barrels at the same time, but since secondary fire is not returning it is likely we won’t be able to do this in KZ2. Is it still the M13? It appears to be, but you can never be sure until GG confirms it. Natko uses this weapon on the Corinth River. Some have noted similarities between the real Spas 12 Combat shotgun and the M13.

    A stripped down version of the M224A3 that trades in a missle launcher for lighter weight and better manoeuvrability. The M1 is a standard for ISA strike force squads and ideal for putting down a lot of supressive, heavy fire. Its accuracy isn’t the greatest but you most likely won’t be getting back up if you’re hit with a bullet that came from a Tyrant. There’s no footage of the player using it himself so far, but Rico is shown carrying his gun of choice from Killzone: Liberation during the invasion of Phyrrus. Many have noted similarities between this gun and the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.

    Helghast StA-52 LAR
    The StA-52 Light Assault Rifle is the standard issue weapon for most Helghast troops. It’s famous for its blistering rate of fire and extremely high ammo capacity for an AR, 60 rounds. The weapon is a bit lacking in the accuracy and damage departments, but it excells in short to medium range combat with its relentless and quick delivering rain of bullets. It uses drum type magazines and a bullpup design. The Helghast Forces have revised the weapon recently, making it a smaller firearm overall, with a shorter barrel length that ditches the scope for an iron sight. Smoke, or some kind of gas, emits from the barrel after every shot and can block a target if you look down the iron sights, so be wary. A Carbine version of the gun built for tighter urban warfare in the streets of Helghan? Most likely. With secondary fire out of the picture, the LAR has opted for a foregrip rather than a shotgun attatchment. Many have noted similarities between this gun and the real life FAMAS.

    Helghast StA11 SMG
    This compact sub machine gun is a favorite amongst trench coat donning Helghast shock troopers. The weapon was designed soley for close quarters combat, so don’t try sniping anybody with this one. Like the StA-52, it relies on a fast barrage of bullets to eliminate the enemy, rather than stopping power alone. Unfortunately the magazine capacity isn’t as high as the HGH assault rifle, and the recoil it generates is undesirable, especially when aiming with ironsights. Many have noted similarities between this SMG and the real life PP-19 Bizon. The Saboteur class in multiplayer may choose to spawn with this weapon.

    Helghast StA14 Semi-automatic Rifle
    A class of weapon completely new to the Killzone series, the St14 Rifle goes against most norms in Helghast weaponry. True, it features the traditional bull pup and drum magazine design favored by the mutant forces. However, the rifle is intended for medium to long range combat, boasting very high accuracy and stopping power. It has iron sights that look a bit like the real life WW2 ‘hero’ M1 Garand, and even better, very little recoil. Its only drawback is a low magazine capacity of 8 rounds–like the Garand. The Saboteur class in multiplayer may choose to spawn with this weapon.

    Helghast VC9 Rocket Launcher
    The ISA aren’t the only ones in need of heavy fire power. The Helghast also posses an anti-tank missle launcher in their arsenal, although it is not as technologically capable nor user friendly as its enemy counterpart. It’s a bigger, bulkier, single-shot rocket with mean looking iron sights and slightly more blowback than the ISA weapon. Still, it gets the job done all the same, destroying anything in its path.

    Helghast StA 52 SLAR (Name for Killzone 2 not given)
    The sniper rifle is a trusty old favorite, but for many the SLAR wasn’t fun to use in Killzone 1. GG has completely redesigned this long range rifle to be more user friendly, while still retaining some old qualities. The rifle features the same familiar Helghast bullpup/drum magazine combo, a slight orange tint over the scope’s lense, and six rounds per clip. While carrying it from the waist, there is no crosshair or aiming reticule, making no-scoping a bit difficult. Instead of being semi-automatic, it is bolt action, much like the Liberation version, and delivers one hit kills. Looking through the scope allows you to choose two zoom settings, 2x or 5x. It is not yet known if you can gradually zoom between these for more precise sniping. Your view includes not only your scope’s line of sight and crosshairs, but also other parts of the rifle. In most other games, they show black areas around your view. Recoil is quite nasty on this powerful weapon! The Scout class in multiplayer spawns with this weapon.

    Helghast Grenade Launcher (Name for Killzone 2 not given)
    For all those missing the underslung grenade launcher on the ISA M82, I give you the Helghast grenade launcher. This beast of a gun propels grenades at your opponent, and holds multiple 203s at a time so it doesn’t need to reload after one shot. Expect a barrage of explosions if you catch an enemy wielding this weapon! Popularly called by the Killzone community the “Mine Gun,” because of its ability to lay proximity mines as a secondary function, this nickname may be defunct as there is no alternative fire option in Killzone 2.

    Helghast ‘Cerberus’ Machine Gun Enplacement (Name for Killzone 2 not given)
    Your standard machine gun emplacement, this weapon is ideal for wiping out all foes wh happen to be before you. It can rotate up and down and a bit less than 180 degrees, but don’t try to turn it around and shoot an enemy behind you. This gun holds infinite ammo, but shoot too much and the barrel will begin to glow orange and then overheat. You must wait a cooldown moment before firing again, so short bursts are reccomended. It puts out fast and heavy fire, if a little inaccurate at long ranges. It has two turret shields on the sides to protect against some incoming fire. Some have noted similarties between this and the real life WW2 era German MG42.

    Helghast IvP-18 Machine Pistol (Name for Killzone 2 not given)
    The Helghast sidearm may not be as powerful as its ISA counterpart, but it does have the leg up in a few departments. It fires in a three shot burst mode, but as a result carries more recoil than another weapon shooting similar size caliber bullets in the semi-automatic fashion. It also features a sall drum magazine for high ammo capacity. Since reports suggest that the ISA M3 Revolver has infinite ammo, it is likely this pistol will as well (if said reports are to be believed). All Helghast in multiplayer will spawn with one as a secondary weapon.


    Fragmentation Grenade
    The standard frag grenades used by both ISA and Helghast forces. Pull the pin, throw, and watch your enemies scatta! If one is being thrown at you, beware; it has a decent blast radius and the flying shrapnel can go through light cover. Several videos have confirmed that you can indeed cook frag grenades; that is, pull the pin but hold onto the nade for a few more seconds, then throw it at your enemy so it explodes instantly and he has no chance to escape. It appears as though the 5 LED lights indicating how many seconds until it goes off have been removed since last time, so start counting in your head. It seems that GG designed the grenade to be easily avoided; thrown grenades have a distinct trail and beep loudly before exploding. If you want to do more than just flush your enemies out from behind cover, I suggest you cook these guys for a few moments before you chuck them.

    Colored Smoke Grenades
    In online multiplayer, the Tactican class’s primary badge allows the player to throw a colored smoke grenades. They aren’t there to alert teammates of your position or for show, however. They act as a spawn point from which friendlies can instantly jump into the action and assist you. Since the official description says “colored” rather than green, the example pictured above may be the ISA version, with the Helghast one being orange or red.

    C4 Explosive Charge
    C4 is an explosive that can be sticked onto walls, ceiling, or just onto the floor and when activated explode, leaving a bloody mess wherever it detonates. Rather than being remote detonated, this is Proximity C4, so they explode when someone comes within range automatically, set-and-forget style. Players with the secondary badge selected in online multiplayer will spawn with C4. They do not dissappear after the planter’s death in online multiplayer.


    Revival Charge (Name for Killzone 2 not given)
    No, what you’re seeing is not a minature Arc Cannon that does the exact opposite of its bigger brother, it’s the tool the Medic class uses to revive mortally wounded teammates in online multplayer. It sends an electric charge through the friendly’s body to jolt him back to full health. You only have a few seconds to revive someone before they pass into the abyss that is the respawn screen so hop to it! (Note: In single player, Sev uses a syringe)

    Automated Turret (Name for Killzone 2 not given)
    The automated turret is a weapon controlled by computer AI shoots any enemies within range with machine gun fire. Once planted, it stays on the spot until it is destroyed. Though the turrets from each faction look cosmetically different, they function in the exact same way (ISA turret pictured left, Helghast turret pictured right). Engineers spawn with automated turrets in online multiplayer.

    Sentry Bot (Name for Killzone 2 not given)
    The sentry bot from Killzone 1 has returned and is better than ever! In online multiplayer, it flys around the map seeking and destroying enemies with its machine gun cannons. It remians above the playing field until destroyed. Think the Helicopter from Call of Duty 4. Though the bots from each faction look cosmetically different, they both function in the exact same way (ISA bot pictured left, Helghast bit pictured right). All players with the Tactician secondary badge selected in online multiplayer may call in the sentry bot for air support.
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